I grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, then made the big move to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia when I was 16. I always wanted to become an actress however, I got caught up in the world of Financial Markets, including Foreign Exchange trading and Futures Broking, I worked my way up and ended my career as an Assistant Manager of Financial Control. I the made another move, this time overseas. After traveling all of Europe, I moved to London for 8 months, 3 of those months were spent working in Futures Broking for Solomon Smith-Barney.

Bored to death of that world, I decided I needed to be in a job where I could choose my own hours and do what I want, when I want, with whomever I want to work with. I answered an ad in a newspaper for Glamour Models, I checked it out, decided, yeah, I can be naked. I did quite a few soft-core shoots in London. Then I decided to start dancing, at the Spearmint Rhino - the London one is the best club I've ever seen. I danced there for a few months, then met one of the owners. We got drunk, I dared him to take me back to the states with him. Four hours later we were on the plane to Texas! Well, that's the story of how I got here, I just kind of fell into porn.

I love surfing, kick-boxing, and many different kinds of sports - you name it, I've probably played it. I'm a very outdoors type of person.

I also love to sing and dance, and am currently in the process of pursuing a music career.


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