Q. Who are your favorite performers to work with?
A. Barrett Blade, Cheyne Collins, Randy Spears, Shayla La Veaux, Felecia, Jenna Haze

Q. Do you do anal?
A. I will be exclusively for the website

Q. How long have you been in the business?
A. Since December 2000

Q. Do you like it?
A. Of course I like it or I wouldn't do it now would I?

Q. How do I get into porn?
A. Go see some porn companies, get your dick hard, take a Polaroid, start in a BJ scene.

Q. What is your ultimate fantasy?
A. To fuck a vampire! I'm serious, I have wet dreams about it - is that wrong?

Q. How did you get into porn?
A. To cut a very long story short, I used to work in financial markets, for 7 years actually, I hated it so much that when I lived in London, I quit, and started dancing and shooting some softcore porn. Whilst in Spearmint Rhino London, I met one of the owners of the club who is American and was flying back to the States that same night. We were drinking and I dared him to take me back with him. He did!!! No strings attached too! He flew me to LA, where I went off on my own, my agent in England referred me to a photographer in LA who sent me to an agent who talked me into doing hardcore porn!!!

Q. Aren't you scared of catching an STD?
A. We get tested for everything once a month, and cannot work without proof of the results. In fact, it's safer to have sex in porn than it is picking up a stranger at a bar - think about it! Yes, we get the occasional outbreak of an STD, some people still have unsafe sex outside of the business, which really pisses me off, you should know better, and you should know how bad it is to bring a disease inside our circle.

Q. Are there a lot of drugs on set?
A. Absolutely not! I haven't heard of anyone tolerating that kind of behavior, well not on any shoot I've ever done. But yes, there are the few crack heads that slip through, but are never hired again. I do admit though, almost everybody loves to smoke weed! There's nothing wrong with that huh?

Q. Why did you get your boobs done?
A. Because when I stopped growing at 16, I felt inadequate with my body, I never felt like a whole woman, and I've always loved breasts, and envied girls with large natural breasts. So I finally did it. And I'm so happy for doing it.

Q. Does being a porn star ruin your personal sex life?
A. It doesn't have to, unless you work everyday, which I used to, but now I limit myself to shooting a couple of times a month, so I'm always craving sex! But a lot of guys outside of the business find it hard to cope with dating a porn star.

Q. Where are you from?
A. I'm Australian/Welsh, born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. My mum is Welsh, so that's why I think I have that Wiccan blood in me.

Q. What star sign are you?
A. I'm a Pisces, my birthday is March 14

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